Animals are brought in on the day before the kill so that they have a chance to relax after their transport.  With numerous years of experience in off loading livestock, our staff is keenly aware of the animals and their well being. We find that by allowing them to rest over night our customers get a better end product in return.

While following the humane handling guidelines set out by Canadian Food Inspection Agency; our newly renovated barn offers safety and security for all animals and staff.  The stalls are 8’ high and constructed from repurposed 3” drill stem and 2” x 6” lumber, this allows for not only security but privacy as well. 

Every detail has been looked after for the livestock that come in.  Each stall is equipped with a self-watering system, the floor is covered with an ample amount of straw and even new lighting has been installed throughout the barn for the animals comfort.

For more information on humane handling from the CFIA, check out the link below.