Cutting Instructions & Wrapping

Because we are truly a custom abattoir we take a great deal of time taking cutting instructions from our customers.  We don’t believe that when it comes to cutting instructions that it is simply a matter of choosing Box A or Box B.  It is important for us to take the extra time to understand each families cooking and eating habits so that we may maximize a carcass which will fit the individual’s needs; we believe education is the key. 

Even though you can Google® all kinds of information on the internet, that doesn’t always represent the reality of the situation.  We know it is much more complicated and we try to educate and facilitate each family.  We don’t believe that you should have pieces of meat sitting in your freezer which you don't like or have no idea what to do with.

This philosophy is carried through to our wrapping station as well.  Since we process for direct and wholesale producers as well as individual families, we are able to offer choices in how your meat is wrapped.  We have found that the best way to store meat which is frozen is to use a poly-coated paper and this is our standard practice; however, we also offer vacuum packaging and film overwrapping at an additional fee.

Each package is accurately labelled with its contents for easy identification by the consumer and a small sticker which is coded for easy identification as to which carcass it came from the date which it was cut and wrapped and our plant number.  This extra identification is part of our rigorous traceablity program, but we go even further.  Each cutting instruction sheet has a count of each package that is wrapped for that work order.

The individual packages are then placed in boxes which are marked with the customers name and their work order number then strapped to ensure its security.  Whereas some plants make their customers bring their own boxes or worse yet charge large amounts of money for boxes; we recycle food safe boxes.  This does a couple of great things: 

  • It keeps the old cardboard out of the landfill
  • It helps to keep costs down for our customers
  • We cut the cardboard so that we may make each box a
    double insulated wall which gives the box more strength and allows for better
    insulating properties